The First Guest Creator November 2013!
The First Guest Creator November 2013!

It’s finally time to unleash the Guest Creators part of this site!

Being a Guest Creator gets you a free spotlight on the home page of FluffyButt! It gives the Guest a chance to shine, the website visitors a new, contactable interest opportunity, and it gives FBC the chance to further build a community of the creative!

Have a look at the Guest Creators page for more information on what it is all about (under the Craft Community menu).

Naturally, for our first ever Guest Creator, I welcome THREAD CREATIVE! The IT mastermind behind this website and many more! He does everything from designing logos, marketing material and corporate stationery, to building custom WordPress websites, eCommerce stores and social media profiles. What to read all about Thread Creative? Then visit his profile and give him your support!

Don’t forget, if YOU want to be a Guest Creator, whether you’re a band, an artist, a seller, a crafter or something else entirely, fill in the contact form on my contact page, or send me an email. Don’t forget to add a subject title!

– Bunny


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