Thread Creative

Who are you?
Thread Creative

What do you do?
Thread Creative is a design and web agency located in Basingstoke, Hampshire offering a wide range of services including logo design, custom built WordPress websites, eye-catching marketing material and fully functional eCommerce stores that are completely tailored to you.

You can see a small selection of my work in the photos on this page, plus I also built this website!

If you would like to see more of what I can offer please visit my website at the link at the bottom of my profile.

What materials do you work with?
Paper, pixels and a whole lot of coffee!

Tell us more!
Although I’ve been working in the world of design for over 10 years, Thread Creative is in its infancy having been established in 2012.

I had grown frustrated with how sales led design companies had become, with little focus on the client relationship, and that’s not why I chose this career path.

I love talking to customers, meeting new people and finding ways to provide the exact solution they’re looking for.

What you hope to gain from being a Guest Creator?
I’m really excited about being part of a community where I can meet and learn from so many talented people, who are all from different backgrounds and have varying skill sets.

I look for inspiration from everywhere and everyone I can, and I feel being a Guest Creator will really help me improve my work.

Do you have a website, online shop or social media profiles?
Website –
Twitter – @ThreadCreative
Facebook – /ThreadCreativeDesign

Who I am
Thread Creative

Date added
November 2013

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