Hugo’s Adventures

Hugo’s Adventures

Who is Hugo Aeolus?
Hugo Aeolus is a small, branded ragdoll that was bought for me on my 18th birthday. I named him Hugo and his surname is a reflection on an old God of wind and travel. Being pocket sized, it didn’t take long before Hugo and I realised, that he was able to join me on my various adventures around the globe. It became an ongoing joke to photograph Hugo in front of famous landmarks and then one day I realised how often people were asking me about him and telling me how wonderful an idea it was.

That, I’m afraid, sealed it. Between my adoration of Hugo and an obsession to record every second of my existence, (I’ve been doing diaries, dream books and stars know what else, since I was 6 years old!) it became ritual. That was a long time ago and he has now been all over the world and met many other teddy friends along the way!

What is the point of “Hugo’s Adventures”?
It’s simple really. For fun. There’s not catch and no cost. It’s a simple, cutesy thing to do for the crafting community. Kids can join in with it and it’s a great way for Hugo and I to a) show off where we have had the privilege to go to and b) help spread the word about places that need help or affection.

Where can I read more?
Hugo has his own Facebook page, with all his photographs from the more recent years and his travel blog. You can find it here

How can I join in?
Like Hugo’s page and meet new people! Read Hugo’s blog and see the places that he has been to! Grab a bear and start photographing! Send Fluffy Butt your photos and Hugo and I will try and get them uploaded on to his page for everyone to see! Also, if you are a company, or charity, don’t be afraid to ask for mentions, or please ask for permissions to use Hugo and his Adventures!

Do you sell Hugo dolls?
Sadly, as mentioned above, Hugo is a branded product that was brought for me as a gift by my sister, but if you stay tuned there is a brand new Fluffy Butt Product coming that may be able to help…..