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It’s a common enough word but holds little weight in the modern world. Most folk don’t know their neighbour’s names, never mind have the courage to ask for help or borrow some sugar. I’d like to help that change.

Fluffy Butt Creations isn’t just about making money from selling pretty and useful items. It’s about Fluffy Friends (getting your link on the website to become part of a chain of contacts), Guest Creators (having free advertising space on the home page to encourage multi range customer interaction), Hugo’s Adventures ( a free community idea that anyone can join in with if they have a teddy…) and events that can involve us all and create a bit of much needed unity.

This website will share ideas, arrange BJD meets, to aid problem solving, for making friends, for selling second hand items like an online car boot, for non profit community building “fun for the hell of it!” ideas (Hugo’s Adventures) aand of course… getting a little bit of cash for the wonderful talents that people have and enjoy doing. Whoever said that you don’t have to like your work? Well… they need to shush.

Let’s stop fuelling isolation in business and start supporting each other, in a competitive market but with a friendly community.

Want to have your work, band, art or website advertised on this site’s homepage for a month?
Read about Guest Creators!

Want to add yourself as a member of this fast growing community, to make friends and contacts?
Read about Fluffy Friends!

Want the kids to be able to join in with something that doesn’t cost money?
Read more about Hugo’s Adventures or check out his Facebook page!

Want to know what a BJD is?
Read more on the Fluffy Butt BJD page!