New Products in Store! Restocks and Expansion
New Products in Store! Restocks and Expansion

Hello there crafters!

The FBC store has now been revamped with products I have been busy creating! There are new rings of #Wonderland #Nature #MLP themes, over twenty designs ranging from #Steampunk and #Kitsch to #VictorianFlock and #Anatomical are now also available in the magnet pick and mix range!

Other products include hand-sculpted phoenix feather pendants and the delicious new hand-moulded magpie range.

And it doesn’t stop there! Please all give a warm welcome to the new Jellyfish Danglies! Hang them in your car, your home and on your heart for a smile every day. Each one is hand knitted and unique!

So head up to the store folks and take a gander at Sir Bundrid’s wares!
fbc-buttons-group fbc-jellies-blue-jellyfish1 fbc-jellies-blue-jellyfish1b fbc-jellies-group1 fbc-jewellery-magpie-feather-necklace2 fbc-jewellery-magpie-feather-necklace4 fbc-rings-group fbc-jewellery-phoenix-feathers-necklace1 fbc-jewellery-phoenix-feathers-necklace1b


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