New Guest Creator! New Products! New Tab!
New Guest Creator! New Products! New Tab!

Greetings Crafters!

There’s a lot to tell you about so grab a cup of a tea and crumpet.

First up we have a new Guest Creator for August in the guise of Gaptooth. An electropop writing, singing, and recording artist whose lyrics are as socially provocative as her music is catchy. Have a look at the profile by clicking on the Home page hot spot and browsing the Guest Creator spotlight page. You can find out more and listen to some tracks by following the link to her website. Fluffy Butt Creations highly recommends tracks LadyKillers, TigerStrikes and These Machines. So support a local (and totally rad) musical talent and listen, love, buy and share Gaptooth’s music.
Don’t forget folks, you can apply to become a Guest Creator too, just have a read of the GC page (under Crafty Community on the main page) and give it a thought.

Next on the agenda are the new products. Summer has been a busy time for sales and crafting, so check out the new items that have been whipped up for the world to indulge in. There’s cushions, cuddly toys, knitted monsters, greetings cards and art prints, table runners, BJD jewellery and garden sticks! Get shopping and spread the word.

Last but not least, I’m sure you regulars will have already noticed the new Carboot tab in the store. This is a place where you will find second hand books and goods (for when I have a clear out), the sale of excess crafting materials from bulk buys or multipacks and back issues of magazines (if only i had the space to keep them all!). Prototypes will also be available from the Carboot tab. As you can see from the photo of the prototype mouse and the current mouse design, being creative often means constant evolutionary improvement. Anyone who says that they make things first time without fault or required tweeking is either hiding something or they are a member of the X-Men. Here in the Carboot tab I shall list items under Prototypes when they are too good to just throw away but not (in my humble opinion) a high enough quality to sell as main goods. They will have slight mis-stiches, unsightly glue or perhaps just be an older design that is no longer required. Why throw away items that took time and care in preparation, when someone out there might be looking for just the thing? They will, of course, be cheaper than standard products of a similar ilk.

Congratulations to Rachel Harman who won the latest FBC craft giveaway competition! For those who missed out fear not! New competitions will shortly be on their way……

So lets get busy crafters! I’m off to list new products and make new exciting items too. Get your self organised and be the change you want to see in the world.  (yup Gandhi).

Love and Sparkles,


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