Hairclips and Hama!
Hairclips and Hama!

Hello there Craftybees!

Sir Bundrid and I have been working very hard on the new products lately and here we can show off some of our new items that are ready for purchase in the shop!

We’ve got summer loving large skeleton hand hair clips in pastel colours with flowers, because they look amazing and are super helpful for all kinds of folk, be they worn in your hair, beards, on bags or as badges!

Our Hama section has also increased with a new nature theme! Foxes have been restocked and we also now have badgers and grey wolves! More animals, including a limited edition where all the proceeds go to charity are coming soon, so watch this space………..


fbc-jewellery-hama-badger-necklace fbc-jewellery-hama-fox-necklace1 fbc-jewellery-hama-mouse-necklace1  fbc-jewellery-turquoise-hand-daisy-hairclip




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