Wonderland Leech

Who are you?
Wonderland Leech

What you do?
I create jewellery, accessories and the occasional plushie, ranging from dark and Gothic to neon and cute.

What materials/styles/influences you work with?
I love Gothic and fantasy styles with ornate swirls and macabre themes, but I also can’t resist anything cute with a smilie face on it!  The materials I use are also quite varied, ranging from hand painted and glossed stamped metal to hama beads and embroidered patches.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
It’s been three years since I’ve actively been creating items to sell, although for the main part it has been part-time.  I have always enjoyed creating trinkets and am happy to find those who share in the things I love. I look forward to continuing to develop my abilities and to expand my product range with new designs and materials.

What you hope to gain from being a Guest Creator?
I’d like to network with other complimentary businesses and people as well as increasing awareness of my products.

How can we follow you future adventures and projects?
Facebook – facebook.com/WonderlandLeech
Twitter – twitter.com/WonderlandLeech
Instagram – instagram.com/WonderlandLeech

Who I am
Wonderland Leech

Date added
September 2015

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