About Fluffy Butt

About Fluffy Butt

Hello! First of all, welcome to the Fluffiverse! This little section is a brief introduction of me and the things I do ^_^

So….what’s this website about then?

Primarily FBC is to sell my handmade wares. I enjoy a wide range of craft creation and I can hopefully tailor to a variety of tastes. Also, I would also like to encourage this space to be a community of creative folk.

Here visitors can read about Hugo Aeolus, arrange craft events and BJD meets, create friendships and contacts, have discussions on the Bunny Blog and of course, sell pretty, as well as useful items ranging from gothic jewellery, to retro country house furnishings and everything in between!

There will be knitting, sewing, cuddly toys, clay working, wood working, stamping, photography and more! You can see the scope of what is currently on offer on the products page. If any of it takes your fancy, or you want to see the full range, check out the shop!

There’s so much here, so get scrolling through the top tabs and explore FBC to your heart’s content!

‘Sounds great!’ I hear you say… shortly followed by ‘Wait… who are you?’

I’m Bunny. I’ve got green eyes, rainbow hair and I have always had a vivid imagination. Sadly, I’ve noticed how adulthood is often coordinated with a detachment from creativity. With the exception of socially acceptable adult activities and money making schemes, simple creative past times are considered childish. Bah! I say!

I am neither ashamed nor embarrassed by my BJD collection or my ridiculous obsession with making things. There is no need to wait until your friends have children before you go out and buy Lego or colouring books! Go out and spend a rainy day playing with bubbles and Farthing Wood animals! Creativity encourages expression, emotional release and exercises the brain. Leave a message, browse the store, advertise creative fayres and meets!

Let’s rescue our creativity back from the void…!